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“We have been impressed with how quickly Geometry has grasped our business.  Pensions and financial services can be a bit of a dry subject to promote, however, the team has consistently produced interesting angles and ideas, which has resulted in some excellent coverage and raised our profile in the local area.” - Alan Phillips, managing director of financial services company Fidelius


“Geometry PR has been a positive force in raising our profile and has contributed directly to our business growth of 20% per annum and much-increased profitability. Geometry’s excellent contacts, sharp writing skills and creative thinking have been instrumental in lifting Mobilane’s reputation. I would whole-heartedly recommend them to any business seeking to raise its profile and get a strong return on its PR investment.” - Sean Farrell, director of Mobilane UK, a developer and supplier of living systems for the built environment, including green screens and living walls


“Through its pro-active approach and creativity, Geometry PR has supported our drive to increase business engagement with the Bath BID. Geometry has successfully raised the BID’s profile through the use of both traditional and new media and its advice on communicating our key messages is hugely valued.” - Andrew Cooper, Bath Business Improvement District manager


“Creative, efficient and strategic, and easy to use, Geometry PR has given us a rapid uplift in our profile. Geometry’s ability to spot opportunities for us to enhance our exposure in the media has ensured we have strengthened our brand profile significantly. I would recommend them to any professional services company that wants to improve its public relations strategy and profile.” - Steven Treharne, managing partner Mogers solicitors


“It is good to do business with people you trust, and I trust and like these guys.” - Dick Jenkins, chief executive, Bath Building Society