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Fix That Hut campaign wins national award
Date Posted: 15/01/2008 16:19:24

Royal High students gain PR insight
Date Posted: 28/11/2007 16:26:41

Geometry PR supports “Sharp Shotz” anti guns, knives and drugs campaign
Date Posted: 19/09/2007 17:03:58

Euroclad appoints Geometry PR
Date Posted: 07/06/2007 14:13:42

Businesses benefit from media guide
Date Posted: 01/05/2007 15:51:39

Geometry provides valuable PR insight for client
Date Posted: 26/04/2007 13:35:42

Geometry PR builds national reputation
Date Posted: 23/03/2007 16:45:28

Geometry PR wins top industry award
Date Posted: 16/03/2007 13:28:18

Geometry PR Launches New Website
Date Posted: 12/03/2007 18:54:17