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Set your business New Year resolutions and keep them

Date Posted: 03/01/2017 10:26:00
Posted By: Geometry PR

When the clock struck midnight and we waved goodbye to 2016 many of us were not just looking back we were also looking forward and promising ourselves a happier, healthier, more productive 2017.

Many of us ceremonially binned alcohol, sugar and/or cigarettes in favour of water, clean eating and exercise.

We can of course draw the same parallels in our business life and just as many people will be pledging to improve their professional as well as personal fitness.

After all, we want our businesses to be as fit as we are in 2017 donít we?

Hold on though Ė didnít we say we were going to do this as 2016 dawned... and 2015 come to think of it?

How can we make this yearís pledges stick? How can we keep the bad habits at bay and ensure we are as committed to self improvement and businesses improvement on day 300 as we were on day 1?

First of all we need to do things differently Ė if we do the same thing over and over and expect the outcome to change we are setting ourselves up for disappointment (I refer you to January 2015 and January 2016).

Making clear and measureable goals is essential. What will success look like? We are no more likely to run our first marathon in January than we are to treble our turnover. What is a realistic ambition? Write down what you can realistically achieve, your path should be clear with each paving stone on that path, and the dates you will reach them, clearly defined.

Planning is essential, because how else will you be able to chart your progress and reward yourself and colleagues when each milestone is reached. Encouragement will be needed along the way. We need an end goal of course but should also realise that that ambition is made up of many small steps.

Setting yourself smaller targets works as well in business as it does in the gym or on the weighing scales. Otherwise your ambition may overwhelm you.

So you have a goal, you have a plan and youíve set yourself realistic targets.

What else do you need to succeed?

Surround yourself with the right people. There is nothing wrong with asking for support to keep you on track and it can be the extra motivation you need to keep you going when the going gets tough. Even the best athletes employ personal trainers, physios, motivational coaches and even chefs to give them that edge over their competitors. Business is no different. Have you got the right people in your team to achieve what you want to? If not what skills do you need to add on a permanent or temporary basis?

If youíre part of a small operation then join a group that best represents how you see your business. You will be able to share your concerns and there will be like-minded members who can help you analyse where you may have gone wrong in certain situations and help you adjust your plan.

As in our personal lives the right support network will prove invaluable.

So youíve defined you goals, youíve planned your journey and set your targets and you have the right people doing the right things at the right time.

Thereís one more ingredient for success and thatís to remember that all work and no play makes us all dull Ė not just Jack. If we donít make time to celebrate our successes then whatís the point in achieving them? Every new client or contract should be cause for a small reward in the same way that every extra mile run and every pound lost should be cheered.

Plan your celebrations, it will keep you on course and prevent you getting jaded and deflated.

Whether itís a slice of cake, a glass of wine or an early finish on a Friday the odd celebration or two will keep that spring in your step and remind you why you started.