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Most clients we work with have long term marketing strategies and, as a result, require long term PR campaigns to support those strategies. As a consequence, the majority of clients work with us on a long term retained basis.

However, we also have many clients who work with us on a project basis. For example, they may have a need for a period of busy activity to promote a new product launch. Whatever your level of requirement, we can develop a bespoke campaign to best suit your budget and ambitions.

If you are considering a PR campaign, we will meet with you to assess your PR requirements. From this initial briefing session we will develop a detailed proposal containing strategy and tactics, as well as a recommendation of the time needed to meet your goals. We are very honest at this stage, and if we feel you are not quite ready for PR, we will tell you.

At Geometry we like to be transparent and accountable. We work closely with our clients to plan and agree activity, and we supply regular detailed reports to keep you in the picture as your campaign progresses.

Many people worry that employing a PR agency will be a drain on their time and add to their workload. However, at Geometry we have a team of PR professionals who are experts at getting to know you, your business and your market and which are able to manage PR campaigns autonomously. We will always advise you of what we are doing, and you will always have the chance to approve everything, but a Geometry campaign will not add too much to your workload.

Geometry PR is a Chartered Institute of Public Relations accredited agency and all of our staff are members of the CIPR. Professionalism and service is at the heart of everything we do.

CIPR Members (Chartered Institute Of Public Relations)