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Placement programme

Geometry PR has been running a structured programme for the last five years, hosting students from schools, colleges and universities in the local area.

Students interested in a career PR have benefitted from a hands-on understanding about what a job in the industry involves, thanks to our innovative work experience scheme.

The paid placements provide a valuable insight in to the day-to-day activities undertaken within a busy PR agency.  Practical exercises include press release writing, brainstorming, organising photography, research and media analysis.

We believe it is important for agencies to contribute to growing local talent and for people considering a career in PR to understand and experience what the job really involves. We see from many of the job applications we receive that there are some misconceptions as to what Public Relations actually comprises and what abilities are needed to be successful.

Within the work experience programme students are set realistic PR tasks and leave with future life skills, whatever their chosen career path.

 “The experience was really enjoyable and worthwhile as I have learnt a lot about myself in the process. I have gained more confidence over the past week with regards to making phone calls, as well as learning how to write photography briefs and press releases.”
Charlotte Harrison

 “After taking part the programme last year, my self-assurance has grown and I have been able to relate many of the skills I learnt to my daily life. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to return to Geometry PR this year, as I can re-apply my PR skills to more difficult exercises set by the team. I would like to thank Geometry PR for the wonderful experience.”
Lily Peters

To discuss a work placement at Geometry PR, please contact Linda Donaldson