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Established in 2001, Geometry PR has grown to become one of the most respected agencies in the South West.

Geometry PR has a broad portfolio of clients locally and across the UK and specialises in creating campaigns for clients in a diverse range of sectors. All employees are members of the CIPR and the agency is run in accordance with the CIPR Code of Conduct.

The campaigns we manage for clients differ widely in scope, from targeting local and regional press, to raising awareness in national, consumer and specialist business media. Depending on the requirement, we provide everything from basic press office function to a complete corporate communications strategy. Our campaigns are bespoke, targeted, meaningful and proactively delivered.

Geometry PR is owned and managed by two directors and employs a team of experienced consultants. The current team includes ex-journalists who have been employed as regional newspaper reporters and editors of business publications, as well as public relations and journalism graduates.

Employing skilled writers and experienced personnel ensures the press releases and articles we produce are of a high standard. We understand how the press works, what makes a good story and how to get stories picked up both locally and nationally.

The agency is a frequent winner at the West of England PRide Awards organised by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). The annual ceremony showcases the outstanding public relations work in the different regions across the UK. Awards have been won in a variety of categories, including Best Use of Media Relations, Corporate and Business Communications, Best Use of Measurement and Evaluation, and Crisis Communications.

At Geometry PR we know that public relations is much more than simply media relations and we understand that a successful PR campaign should be an integral part of your business strategy. A bespoke and professionally managed campaign will deliver a positive reputation for your business and add value to it.

Geometry PR works hard for our clients and achieves tangible, measurable results. Finding the right angles and opportunities to profile our clients is what we do best.

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